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When I Was Nana Pila - Dead, Yet in My Prime
By Underpass Editors Posted on: 9/21/2015

The demining squad was just leaving as I entered the village. I the czar, the king, the champion. I, door-to-door book salesman who'd leave no illiterate, blind, or unemployed wretch alone without closing at least a thousand kuna deal. My pitches would mesmerize them into thinking that they were buying not an ordinary health book but an elixir of youth, and they'd wonder how they even got that far without it.

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Ćelentano’s Bestiary
By Underpass Editors Posted on: 6/3/2017

Back then I was still friends with Ćelentano. He wasn’t sending his boys after me. Nor was he threatening me. But there’s no doubt that even then he was completely crazy. He claimed he was a scumbag, and his opinion about the rest of the species was even worse. On top of that, he had money and he liked to spend it on proving his claim. But for some reason he loved drinking with me. That day he called me up on the phone just after noon. I stared at the cell phone thinking whether to pick it up or not when my indecision was broken by his SUV stopping in front of my bookstore.

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