All Stories by Marusya Klimova (Tatiana Kondratovich)

Fair-haired Furies
By Underpass Editors Posted on: 8/21/2017

Kostya occupied a small room in a kommunalka just underneath the roof of a house on Dekabristov Street. One of his windows overlooked the gilded dome of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and Marusya used to enjoy smoking there and looking down at people below or staring far ahead at the Cathedral itself, until one day Kostya boarded it up with plywood and ever since his room has been plunged into twilight even at daytime. Kostya couldn’t stand the Cathedral and would always turn his head away when he passed it, his face distorted into a mask of pain. He believed, and often lectured Marusya about it, that Isaac’s was an embodiment of the philistinism and triviality that filled this world, moreover, it exemplified the power of brute force over the stupid crowd and its invariable dominance over the world. Kostya did not see anything truly sublime in this meaningless pile of rock and stone, by sublime he meant the greatness of human spirit which, in his opinion, was to be manifested in creative will that would strive to bring to life pure ideas and forms.

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