Submission Guidelines

Underpass is open to submissions of short fiction and narrative nonfiction that have been translated into English from all Slavic languages. Submission should be fewer than 5,000 words and follow the guidelines below. We prefer work with a strong sense of place.

Just Slavic languages? For now, yes, but we think rules should be more like guidelines. If you have translations from other languages that are marginalized in English language publishing (anything except Spanish, French, or German), email us. We may reconsider.

What We Want

  • Short Stories – There’s a word maximum, but no minimum. We would love to see flash fiction or short-short fiction that tells a full story.
  • Novel Excerpts -- Choose excerpts carefully, they must be rewarding without the full novel. Please provide a summary of the novel with the submission.
  • Narrative nonfiction --We know this is abroad category. Essentially, we’d like to see nonfiction that reveals something about your country, culture, or unique view of the world. No criticism, political writing, or straight journalism.

How to Submit

  • Send a Word document of the English translation.
  • Include a Word or PDF file of the story in the original language.
  • Please let us know if it has been previously published and where it was published so proper credit can be given.
  • Include a short author bio and a translator bio in English. Describe any past publication experience of the author and translator.
  • If you can, send or suggest pictures or art that could be used with your story.
  • Email the files to
  • We will respond as soon as we can—hopefully within one month of submission.

The Details

  • All submissions must be fewer than about 5,000 words.
  • All rights revert to authors upon publication.
  • Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis (so no deadlines, send us your stuff anytime!).
  • All work must already be translated as at this time we do not have the means to pay for translations.
  • We are open to previously published writing.
  • We cannot pay for stories, but we’ll do our best to garner attention for you and your work.
  • We are willing to edit more heavily than most publications, so if the translation isn’t perfect and the story is still great, we will work with you to smooth out the details.

Want to Collaborate?

Are you a writer, editor, translator, or literature enthusiast with an inside track to the writing world in your country? Could you help us solicit, review, and edit submissions? Contact us at