New Books from Underpass Authors

Underpass authors have been busy, busy, writing (and publishing!) new books. Here are a few recent releases from featured on Underpass.

Gordon Nuhanović

Great travel writing opens doors to two cultures: the writer’s and the unchartered lands they explore. Underpass featured author Gordon Nuhanović’s new book of travel stories is sure, then, to reveal as much about Central Asia and as it does about the writer’s homeland of Croatia. The new book, a collection Nuhanović’s travel essays called Picnic in Stepa, was recently released by the Croatian publisher Profil. A bit of a sequel to Šale su ostale kod kuće/All Jokes Aside, the new book takes readers along for the ride through Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Nuhanović is well known in Croatia for his sense of self-irony and this book will make readers laugh and reflect on ridiculousness of travelers’ preconceptions.

While the first book is only available in Croatian, one of the stories, “Authentic Moldova,” was published in McSweeney’s Quarterly, along with stories from five other Croatian writers.

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Jelana Zlatar

Jelena Zlatar’s new book of short stories Ticala/Tentacles, was just released by Hena publishing in Croatia. Zlatar’s third book, Ticala is a collection of stories that focuses on themes surrounding relationships, separation, and disruption of intimacy with bare sentences and crisp dialog that reveals the flaws in human relationships. Zlatar has also recently published new work in several print and online journals: Fantom slobode, Nova riječ and Poduzetnik.

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Ksenija Kusec

Ksenija Kusec’s new novel Nije moglo bolje/It couldn't Have Been Better has received funding from the City of Zagreb culture funds and was just published by Hena publishing in Croatia. The book is a modern novel about a mother trying to motivate a family with lots of complaints and little ambition. More of Kusec’s work was also published in the compilation, Miris žene/Scent of a Woman.

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