Mislav Pasini

Mislav Pasini was born in Split, Croatia in 1974. He holds a degree in Croatian literature and writes prolifically across genres. His short fiction has been published in the sci-fi magazine Futura and the newspaper Jutarnji list, while a number of his stories were also presented on the national radio. In his role as a journalist, he has penned several prefaces and other texts for Croatian editions of Marvel comic books. At the same time, he contributed regularly to the movie magazine Hollywood. Articles of his have been featured in TV Story, OK! and DOP magazines. To date, he has authored seven books of fiction: Blackout (Blackout, Zagreb: Profil, 2005), The Dead Sentry (Mrtva straža, Zagreb: Nova knjiga Rast, 2007), The Twilight of a Broken Mind (Sumrak razbijenog uma, Zagreb: Nova knjiga Rast, 2008), The Point of Disorientation (Točka dezorijentacije, Rijeka: Dušević & Kršovnik, 2010), My Grandma is a Moor (Baba mi je Maur, Zagreb: Sandorf, 2016), Urgh’s Chronicles (Urghove kronike, Rijeka: Studio TiM, 2016), and A Winter's Tale (Zimska priča, Rijeka: Studio Tim, 2017).