Martin Vopěnka

Martin Vopěnka, a Jewish-Czech writer, traveler and publisher, is the author of 16 books for adults and children. Born in 1963, Vopěnka studied nuclear and physical engineering in Prague. However, ever since his childhood, he has been more attracted by literature. So he started writing at an early age and has never stopped.


Since the end of the communist regime he has devoted himself exclusively to publishing books and to his own writing. The author not only draws from his study of mathematics and physics, but also from his extensive travels, including Chile, Argentina, Iceland, and the Antarctic. His main interest is the fate and future of human civilization. Some of his books have been published abroad. His adventure novel The Fifth Dimension was published in the U.K. in 2015 by Barbican Press in London. His thriller for children The Sleeping City was published in Egypt in 2016.