Mira Petrović

Mira Petrović was born in 1989 in Split, Croatia. She received her degree in English language and literature and Italian language and literature from the University of Split (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences). She teaches English language at School for foreign language teaching “Jantar” in Split. She writes reviews of books on the site: www.imaginarij.com under the pseudonym MiraLaFu. She has published several short stories on different websites (Arteist, Večernji list), and her story “Lako je živjeti zatvorenih očiju” was included in the short story collection Pišem ti priču 2014. She won third place for her satirical story “Nek se pleše” in a writing contest organized by Gradska knjižnica Čazma in 2015. For the story “Svašta se može dogoditi” (“Anything could happen”) she was given the first award in the writing competition Vranac, in Montenegro, in 2015.