Lydia Scheuermann Hodak

Lydia Scheuermann Hodak grew up in the Slavonian region of Croatia and lives in Osijek. She has published several novels and short stories, and numerous dramatic works that have been presented at international theatre festivals around the world. Her writing has been translated, published, or performed in Arabic, English, Farsi, German, Rumanian, Russian, Hungarian, French, and Spanish.


Published books:  Novels: A Snake Around the Neck I & II and A Woman Wearing a Silk Blouse


Short stories: “Freesias and Something Else


Plays: Women, Love and Wars; Drama: Ana (or the Bird in a Tree-Top), Mister Hermann Reads “Spiegel”, Eve is not Adam, Skeleton in the Cupboard, Naked Moon, Scarlett O'Hara Was Mistaken, Comedy: I Must Rush, My Masseuse Is Coming; Monodramas Maria's Pictures and The Acacia-Tree; and Scenarios: The Cormorants in the Swamp Are Unhappy, too, and A Lady Interpreter (Movie title: Step by step).