Zoran Žmirić

Zoran Žmirić  is a writer, journalist, and musician born in 1969 in Rijeka, Croatia, where he still lives today. He is an award-winning novelist as well as the founder and editor of the first Croatian portal for computer games, Gamer.hr, and the first Croatian film portal, Popcorn.hr. He is also an accomplished bassist and has played in numerous rock bands in Rijeka since the 1980s. In 2011, Zoran was awarded the annual prize of the City of Rijeka for his creative work and achievements in the field of culture during 2010.


His novel The Blockbuster was a finalist for the 2008 VBZ award for the best unpublished manuscript, a finalist for the roman@tportal literary award for the best Croatian novel in 2010, and was awarded the “Književno pero” (Literary Feather) for the best book of the year 2009/2010 by the Croatian Literary Society. The Blockbuster has been translated into Polish and Italian. He was also the 2013 winner of the Super Short Story competition sponsored by CeKaPe (Centre for Creative Writing).


Published Books

Kazalište sjena/The Shadow Theater (Adamić, 2002), Vrijeme koje nam je pojeo Pac-Man/Our Time Eaten Away by Pac-Man (Meandar, 2005), The Blockbuster (VBZ, 2009 and AdPublik, 2012) Riječke rock himne/Rock Hymns of Rijeka (KUD Baklje, 2011), Snoputnik/Dreamtraveller (HDP, 2014), Zapisano Metkom/Written By Bullet (Studio TiM, 2015).


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Author Interview

What are your sources of inspiration?

Human behavior towards their environment.  Examination of decisions which are already made depending on surroundings we were born and raised, and which we live in.


Describe your creative process.

When there's an idea, I write it down and leave it there. I dedicate myself to it just if it comes back to me again. In that case, I start with the process of building the story, dialogues, thoughts ... When I'm in middle of that creative process, which can last for a few months or years, I pay attention to everything around me. Everything I see, hear, or live through is considered as part of possible future text. I observe myself in different situations and I pay attention to my actions and reactions to challenges, and I write it all down. Most of it is put together in a script. When everything is almost set, I start with writing. For example, I can feel when the time is right for writing, and that's the moment when I almost have the whole story finished from beginning to an end. Then it feels like I am writing down a movie I have recently seen.


Where do you write? Do you have any writing rituals?

I do not have any favorite writing place or any rituals. When I start with writing, I do it anywhere. I use PC and Dropbox so everything that I have written is available to me anywhere and anytime I want it— even including the smartphone.  The last novel I wrote was made in my living room when I was mostly surrounded with my family. While I was writing, there were a lot of things happening behind my back. I don't have trouble with noises, nor being called or asked something every now and then. When the process of writing starts, nothing can ruin my focus.


What are you reading now? Do you read literature that has been translated from other languages or just Croatian books?

I like graphic novels. Right now I'm about to read The Inkal by Moebius and Jodorowsky once again.


What are you working on now?

I'm thinking about a new novel and I'm working completing short stories.