New School Order

By Mislav Pasini
Translated by Marija Perišić

A Peugeot 206 stopped at the edge of a thick pine forest. The driver's door opened first. A foot in a Nike sneaker stomped onto the muddy ground.


By Miro Škugor
Translated by Marija Perišić

The gravel path stuck to the steep incline leading from the edge of a suburban side road to the town’s old cemetery. The cemetery was so ancient barely anyone paid it attention. A row of aged, thickly planted cypress trees surrounded it on all sides, keeping from view what was a rectangular plot of land nearly filled with forty-eight tombstones covered with moss.

He Dreamed He Was Being Bitten by Swans

By Vratislav Maňák
Translated by Frances Jackson

A tram made its way along the road and was lost in the grey of the overcast morning. Prague awoke to its Monday hangover, tangled up in mist. Day was breaking at a leisurely pace.