He Dreamed He Was Being Bitten by Swans

By Vratislav Maňák
Translated by Frances Jackson

A tram made its way along the road and was lost in the grey of the overcast morning. Prague awoke to its Monday hangover, tangled up in mist. Day was breaking at a leisurely pace.

Over the Hills and Far Away: Travels with Benjamin

By Martin Vopěnka
Translated by Anna Bryson

I kept my arm round Benjamin’s shoulders and he instinctively huddled into me. A few steps in front of us, at the bottom of a shallow grave, lay the coffin containing his mother. The gravedigger had lowered it down before our arrival, and so apart from the two of us, the only person there was the elderly priest in his crumpled cassock.

Any Beach but This

By David Zábransky
Translated by Robert Russell

A couple of tables away I spot a young couple—honeymooners, lovers? I’m not sure about him, but she is certainly not Spanish. Her hair is too fair, her skin is too fair, her features too Slavic.