Any Beach but This

By David Zábransky
Translated by Robert Russell

A couple of tables away I spot a young couple—honeymooners, lovers? I’m not sure about him, but she is certainly not Spanish. Her hair is too fair, her skin is too fair, her features too Slavic.

The She-Leopard

By Iva Pekárková
Translated by Melvyn Clarke

The igloo was growing. With unperturbed regularity her fellow tribesmen slowly laid the iceblocks one after the other, carefully smoothing down and dousing the clefts between them.

Bizom, or Service and Mission

By Sylva Fischerová
Translated by Lucie Mikolajková

Society has gone dumb and dumber. I am an extension of it; does that make me just like the rest? I refuse to accept that.