Fair-haired Furies

By Marusya Klimova (Tatiana Kondratovich)
Translated by Daria Smirnova

Kostya occupied a small room in a kommunalka just underneath the roof of a house on Dekabristov Street. One of his windows overlooked the gilded dome of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and Marusya used to enjoy smoking there and looking down at people below or staring far ahead at the Cathedral itself, until one day Kostya boarded it up with plywood and ever since his room has been plunged into twilight even at daytime.

Excerpts from The Shining World

By Alexander Grin
Translated by Daria Smirnova

The last act, that was to be followed by “The Double Star,” was called “The Failure of Fetters.” It presented a short and stout, deep-chested man, who was bound hand and foot with arm-thick ropes and wire. To crown it all, shackles begirded his wrists and ankles. He was then hidden under a sheet. He fidgeted under it for a minute or two and emerged completely free; the fetters were lying about in the sand.

Ćelentano’s Bestiary

By Zoran Malkoč
Translated by Tomislav Kuzmanović

Back then I was still friends with Ćelentano. He wasn’t sending his boys after me. Nor was he threatening me. But there’s no doubt that even then he was completely crazy.